Our Programs

Activities at the “Our Little Ones Crèche and Early Learning Centre” are in three broad categories:


 . Infant Care


. Toddler Care


. Pre-School Stage

Infant Care

The infant Care programme provides more than just day-care for babies and infants from age three months to sixteen months. It is aimed at keeping the babies happy, and comfortable; and the infants engaged, stimulated and healthy within a secure environment. Care is tailored to meet the needs of each child at the Centre.


Toddler Care

The Toddler Care programme provides a world of unlimited opportunities for children between the ages of sixteen and twenty four months. They are encouraged to explore, interact and engage with their surroundings, under the guidance of skilled professionals. The toddler care curriculum is adapted to the individual child in age and stages of children development. Experienced professionals will promote sound emotional, behavioural, physical, social and cognitive development within an enabling ambience through a secure, friendly and stimulating environment.


Pre-school Stage

The curriculum is designed to promote analytical, probing and innovative instincts. Children that fall under this category are those between the ages of twenty four and sixty months and the focus is to prepare them for school life in all areas of academic and social learning.