Our Curriculum

The “Our Little Ones Crèche and Early Learning Centre’s” curriculum is essentially a modification of the British Curriculum with relevant local adaptation and structured along the lines of the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) programme. This mainly covers six basic areas of learning as follows:


. Communication, language and literacy

. Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

. Personal, social and emotional development

. Knowledge and understanding the world

. Physical development

. Creative development

Mode of Delivery


(a) Communication, Language and Literacy

Your child will acquire skills to communicate confidently and clearly, enjoy stories, songs and rhymes, learning and encouraged to link letters sound to their corresponding alphabets. Children will be encouraged to draw pictures, make marks on paper that may look like scribble, but are the child’s unique attempt at writing. They will have access to a wide range of medically safe materials and educational toys.


(b) Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

Your child will develop an understanding of mathematics concepts through stories, songs, and imaginative play. They will learn concepts such as “bigger” or “smaller”, “taller” or “shorter”. They will also learn about shapes and spaces.


(c) Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Your child will learn to be self-confident, take an interest in things, and know what their needs are. They will also be able to tell the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour and learn to dress and undress on their own.


(d) Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Your child will learn to explore and find out about the world around them, and ask questions as they try to understand how the world around them functions, and their role in society. They will learn about different cultures and selective beliefs.


(e) Physical Development

Your child will be involved in physical activities that will help them develop their motor skills, ensuring that they move freely and confidently, and handle equipment appropriately.


(f) Creative Development

Your child will explore textures, colours and shapes, take part in role plays, try out dance steps, make things, tell stories and make music.